Франчайзинг и партньорство

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    Would you like a sure investment in a business with over 3000 year history, successfully imposed in Bulgaria? Join our National Chain “Pawn-Offices Doverie” in order to ensure accessible and quick tool for alternative crediting based on the principle of credit against a pawn for each client. We offer you to become our franchise partner in your city and to figure out why our motto is “WE ARE DIFFERENT!” It is only National Chain “Pawn-Offices Doverie” that ever since its establishment has always strived to show the other face of the pawnshops and to create a different reputation of the field in general. With maximum transparency and clear conditions we settle and achieve even higher goals. One of these goals is to impose our honest and clear policy as an example of work in the entire country. Thus, the conditions of our franchise are unique protecting not only our rights as franchisors but also yours as our partners and collaborators. The conditions of our franchise are unique and accessible for each investor and entrepreneur, who would like a functioning business without being engaged in its support, establishment and creation. We are a bridge between the minimum efforts made and the maximum results.

 National Chain “Pawn-offices Doverie” has offered the best conditions in the credit sphere against a pawn ever since 1995. The pawn-offices of the chain are symbols of TRUST (translator’s note: “Doverie” in Bulgarian language means “Trust”) and security for our client.


 Namely, our numerous loyal clients are the guarantee of our success. They became the stimulus for the expansion of the chain of pawn-offices. Our successful business strategy led to the opening of very actively working offices across the entire country. In 2009 National Chain “Pawn-offices Doverie” opened 6 new offices, 3 of which turned into our reliable franchise partners. Our head office, the management and the control over the national chain of pawn-offices, are based in Velingrad, since the business foundations have been placed there! Through the expansion of the chain of pawn-offices we strive to popularize our business through the community as it occupies a specific part of the financial sector of the economics and is of a high significance for the living of the common Bulgarian.



Първоначална инвестиция

start-up investment 30 000 BGN for a start-up of a small office;



Surface to 30 m2;





  start-up investment 50 000 BGN for a start-up of a big office;

Surface above 40 m2;


Допълнителна инвестиция

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